What home decor colors are in for 2024?

What home decor colors are in for 2024?

Color trend forecasters worldwide have tapped into cultural and design trends to unveil the palettes that will dominate the upcoming year. A bold and adventurous spirit seems to define 2024, with color experts predicting a surge in vibrant choices such as bright pinks, playful aquas, and rich browns. While neutrals remain timeless, they are evolving with the rising popularity of warm buttery and blush tones. Color experts unanimously agree that personal expression through color will be more significant than ever in the coming years.

"Color is a language and plays an elemental role in personal self-expression," says Laurie Pressman, vice president of the Pantone Color Institute. "Some will turn to bold colors, while others will lean towards softer neutrals and calming pastels. There are no rules; it is really about how one feels on any given day and what resonates at the moment."

The colors we choose to surround ourselves with inherently affect our mood and express our personality. Whether selecting a wall paint shade or an outfit, personal preference plays a crucial role. For those ready to embrace the colorful spectrum, here are the seven color trends expected to dominate 2024, according to color experts.

  1. The Dark (And Chic) Side Rich and deep colors will play a vital role in balancing the bright and light shades expected in the next year. These deep hues range from chocolate browns and interesting blacks to deep navies and forest greens. High-contrast colors will serve to counterbalance the brightness, providing a yin-and-yang effect. Notable choices include Behr's Cracked Pepper and York Wallcoverings' Bay Brown.

  2. Bringing Back the Blues Blue, with its innate connection to the natural world, is anticipated to remain popular, with a shift towards airy and watery tones. Sherwin-Williams names Upward, a light denim blue, as their color of the year. Benjamin Moore's Blue Nova, blurring the line between violet and blue, is another noteworthy choice. Blues, teals, and aquas are expected to dominate, reflecting a desire to spend time in nature and a focus on health and well-being.

  3. Intriguing Purples Versatile purples and lilacs are expected to empower individuals to stand out and experiment more with color. Softer shades of purple will rise in popularity, providing a nice companion to pinks, blues, and greens. Benjamin Moore's Hazy Lilac is highlighted as part of their Color Trends 2024 palette.

  4. Unapologetic Pinks and Reds Vivacious shades of pink, including blush and baby pink, will continue to rise in popularity, offering a nostalgic and optimistic feel. Sherwin-Williams, Dunn-Edwards, and Pantone predict the ongoing reign of vibrant pinks. Little Greene's Masquerade, a soft pink neutral, is named as their color of the year. Reds and terracottas, including Sherwin-Williams' Teacup Rose, are also expected to see a resurgence.

  5. Lustrous Yellows and Oranges Radiant yellows and oranges are anticipated to be "it" shades for 2024, bringing warmth and captivation to design. VERANDA's Color of the Year, Electric Amber, exemplifies the luminous beauty of these shades, especially when blended. HGTV Home names Persimmon as their color of the year, while WGSN and Coloro predict Apricot Crush as the color of the year in the fashion industry.

  6. Earthy Greens Approachable and muted greens continue to be popular, evoking a calming quality. Graham & Brown's Viridis, a midtone green, is named as the color of the year. Deep greens, such as Dutch Boy's Ironside, are expected to make a splash in 2024, embodying elegance.

  7. Warming Neutrals Warm off-whites and buttery tones are becoming go-to neutrals, providing an energized yet solid base to color palettes. Sherwin-Williams and Glidden, naming Limitless as their color of the year, predict the continued rise of warm neutrals, especially with the impact of LED lighting making warmer colors a counterbalance to coolness.

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