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Visor Burst

Visor Burst

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Featuring a single polarized, attention grabbing lens, framed by retro super lightweight frames, will cause everyone to gasp and turn their heads! These retro shades are available in the "in your face" sports/party look, the All American “Patriot” style and for those who prefer a more classic approach the “Black Classic”. 
Your new best friend for your next beach trip or while out on the lake during summer.

🕶️ Retro “Visor” Sunglasses

☀️ All-Day UV400 protection

  • Visor “one glass” lens: Durable, lightweight, and attention grabbing.
  • Polarized Mirror Coating Lenses: For crystal-clear vision and UV protection.
  • Unique Temple Patterns: Retro Burst, Patriot, Black Classic & Tiger Claw

What is UV400 protection?
Sunglasses with UV400 protection block 99 to 100 percent of harmful UV rays.

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